Homtools is a opensource project that is avaible with the terms of CecillC licence. Homtools is a research software that is provided as is. No responsibility can be imputed to the authors in any usage of this software. If you use Homtools for producing research results, we should be grateful if you add this reference to your paper/communication:

“Une Toolbox Abaqus pour le calcul de propriétés effectives de milieux hétérogènes Lejeunes Stéphane, Bourgeois Stéphane 2011, 10th National Conference on Computational methods for Structures, Giens, France

Installing Homtools is very simple:

  1. Unpack the archive (zip file) in a directory
  2. Modify or create the abaqus_v6.env file in your home directory with the following line: plugin_central_dir = "/path/to/homtools/dir"
Homtools 0.9 ( 238 kb)
Tutorial ( 1.2 Mb)