Homtools is developed and maintened since 2010 at the Laboratory of Mechanic and Acoustic (CNRS UPR7051). Initially this set of tools was designed to simplify the full field homogenization process of nonlinear composite materials. Since 2010, Homtools is slowly growing...

The devel team is actually composed by its creators:

Stéphane Lejeunes is a CNRS Research Engineer. He works on the modeling and the simulation of Rubber materials and structures. He is also a numerician and software developer for nonlinear and multiphysics problems.
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Stéphane Bourgeois is an Associate Professor at Ecole Centrale Marseille. He works on the modeling of rod and tapespring structures and on the numerical homogeneisation of structures and materials
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If you want to participate to this project or to share your experiences with Homtools do not hesitate to contact us!